Service with Health & Environment In Mind, from the Beautiful Bayou Region

Service with Health & Environment In Mind, from the Beautiful Bayou Region

Service with Health & Environment In Mind, from the Beautiful Bayou Region

Service with Health & Environment In Mind, from the Beautiful Bayou Region


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Jesaiah Stalnaker, President & CEO

Meet Jesaiah Stalnaker

I am Jesaiah Stalnaker, and my career as an “entrepreneur” did not begin as such; it began as a 15 year old “lanky” inexperienced laborer, working a summer job with my Father, a construction home builder. Needlessly, to say: “lessons learned, experience gained. Dad was ‘Boss’ on the job; no nonsense: do your job right to be paid on his payroll; do it wrong, and you do it over, on your payroll! And, did I ever learn, there has to be another way!

I began my professional career, firstly, after graduating from high school, enlisting in the United States Air Force in 1962. My tour of service: 4 years, 6 months, 16 days; included fourteen months combat support in Southeast Asia and ended with an Honorable Service Discharge, December 16, 1966. I returned to my home, New Orleans, Louisiana, and worked in the private sector, before joining the New Orleans Police Department, December 8, 1968, and retired July 10, 1989 as a Sergeant, after 21 years of distinguished service.

I attended City College, Loyola University of the South, New Orleans, night school, including summer sessions, to graduate in 3 years (1977-79) with a Bachelor of Science Degree, Criminal Justice, Administration. After retiring from the Police Department, I devoted my full-time as owner of World Sports and News Center, my private business I opened in 1985, which I sold in 1995. I moved to Atlanta, Georgia in 1998 and opened my first of, later three Louisiana style Ragin Cajun Hot Wings and Seafood fast food restaurants. I was successful in this venture for 10 years, and then, 2008 Great Recession! I sold the last restaurant in 2009.

My independence as an entrepreneur continued with my association with established network/direct sales marketing companies, for several years, and I saw a promising market, servicing restaurants with cleaning and sanitizing, using non-toxic, innovative, but effective solutions. After much research, I established my business: PureGreenWorks24 in 2014. I discovered Zoono USA, and after much research, I began using their excellent products. In 2015 I discovered the better way of applying the sanitizing solution, using Victory Innovations Electrostatic Sprayer. I applied and became a distributor of these fine products, predating the 2020 Covid-19 Global Pandemic. Never in my lifetime has there ever been such a critical life-saving need of a “call to action” to fight and defeat this deadly “invisible enemy” My company mission: to be a frontline offensive force to do our part in making and keeping people safe in their environments. Our staff is committed to provide our utmost of excellence in customer support and services. The future of peoples’ health and economic lifestyles depend on such determination.

I am happily married, and a proud Father of six beautiful adult children, grandfather of 28 grannies, and great-grandfather of 4 great grannies. My services to my clientele will always be as if I were servicing my own. My favorite saying, “Making you happy, keeps us happy.”